Greg’s Glastonbury Goodness



I was doing my usual rounds on the internet, when i came across the set of the phenomenal Greg Wilson, recorded live at this years’ Glastonbury Festival.

The music got me grooving, it was disco…it was a touch of soul and it had those feel good vocal edits thrown in too. I couldn’t stop here, I went looking for more.

I found a piece by Greg himself, on the festival and thought it best I share it with you as well.

Glastonbury – The Greatest Show On Earth by Greg Wilson


Gregs’ career spans as far back as 1975, I only “arrived” 7years later, to give you some kind of understanding of his career. He stopped playing in 1984 and got back behind the decks in 2003. Thankfully!

For a more in depth look at the master Greg Wilson, click here

While you’re reading and checking out Gregs’ blog, here’s that mix from the festival.

Greg Wilson live at Glastonbury Festival 2013



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