CTEMF Wish List

The Cape Town Electronic Music Festival is an event which happens in, you guessed it…Cape Town. Usually in the first quarter of the year, this year I was fortunate enough to be a part of a week-long musical journey, which culminated in the final 3 days being all about the music.

Previously, i was quite vocal about the lack of “real” representation at the event, voicing my opinion on how the event was not entirely inclusive enough, overlooking talents like Ready D, Oskido, Mbuso etc etc, who were some of the pioneering figures in Electronic music, as we know it, in this city and in this country.

Unlike many other promoters, CTEMF representatives listened and more than that actioned. This year the line up was a helluva lot more inclusive and the end result was an exceptional week of learning, listening and dancing. We had Shangaan Electro with that “ONE NINE ZERO” kinda jive, we had Ready D and fresh-faced hip hop gent Youngsta, providing the beats and lyrics, Behr and Mey, with arguably the LIVE SET of the weekend and there was cape-flats born, Esa Williams, to bring his take on electronic music with an acid-house set of epic proportions. Music was the winner.

So these are all memories now…and CTEMF 2014 creeps up on us slowly, but SURELY.

For the 2014 line up, I’d love to see the following people on the bill:

Robin Would

If anyone WOULD, Robin would. Ok, enough of that. This gent has in the last 6months really reminded us, what we may have forgotten. Listening to his Thrumcast for Thrumroom or catching his sets at Vinyl Digz or the guest slot at Private Life, you’d be sure to agree that Robin knows how to woo a crowd. Whether it’s the groove-time disco or the emotive sounding house or taking it peak time with some “lets go” Techno, Robin knows exactly how. An avid collector of records, with a taste for music to rival some of the best, I’m cock-sure he’ll deliver.

Robin Would – Thrumcast 003


Kat La Kat

The brother is from the 011. Kgakgamatso Tlholoe has been churning out the #DeepVibes mix tapes for some time now. We’ve just hit no.32 in the series and each and every one of them are sublime. His genre selection on soundcloud is “deep shit”…it’s definitely deep, but certainly not the kinda shit you hear from everyone and their dog lately. We’ve never met in person, but the online chats around music and the joy I’m overcome by every time I hear a mix of his, means he gets my vote to represent!

Kat La Kat – Deep Vibes 032


Sibonelo Zulu

Now here’s a guy who just goes about his business quietly. Another ardent collector of the black wax, Sibo Zulu is slowly winning over the Cape Town house music lovers’ one 12″ at a time. Sets at Vinyl Digz and a residency at Cape Town Deep House Movements’ monthly Tableism event, there’s been enough evidence to prove that he can hold his own with some of the finest in this city. Sibonelo hosts his own podcast series entitled “Its Tough Out There” and also had his second guest slot on Jazzman’s Deep Inspiration Show, just a few days ago. Have a listen!

Sibonelo Zulu – DIS Guest Mix 227


Rob Toca 

He hails from the 011, I believe, but since his arrival in the 021, Rob has done nothing but tear up dancefloors with his intelligent take on house and techno in a kind of micro-house sounding way. An absolute gent! Humility of note, he just gets on the decks and performs. His most notable sets for me were at the memorable “Nomadiq” summer rooftop events, where he’d more than likely be opening for one of the headliners. Without stealing the thunder [too much], Rob would set the tone so nicely, that by the time the main act was to play, the crowd was primed for the occasion.



I really do not have to list what the founder of Soul Candi and current owner of Phezulu Records has done. From releases on Innervisions to collaborations with the “who’s who” of house music, he really is up there with the finest in the game. I think Cape Town needs a reminder of what Mbee is about.

Check out this mixtape of some of the sounds that influenced him on his journey through sound.

Mbuso – Journey Rediscovered


Julz Sanchez

Hottest kid in Cape Town right now. Seriously, talent way beyond his years. Ability to play a proper warm up slot or go to the wee hours with a marathon peak time slot at the infamous Republic Lounge. No mug behind the decks. The kind of ear for music and humility to keep learning that puts him ahead of some of the older players in the industry. You can catch him at a Vinyl Digz or at the usual Private Life residency. From stripped down disco to big room techno, you ask for it, you’ll get it! Full-portion!

Julz Sanchez – Pulse Radio Podcast

These aren’t just my ‘picks’ for CTEMF, but also a show of support to these talented gents for continuously pushing the envelope and delivering quality music to us, the dancers.


One thought on “CTEMF Wish List

  1. Phumie says:

    Ey brad this was a nice read man… refreshing and entertaining. I also read the interview with Laz. LOL already excited to see the next one.

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