Four years after releasing his “A Giant Leap” album, which included tracks like The Bright Forest and Webaba, both signed to Innervisions, Culoe’s back and reckons it’s time for (the) Exodus.

In between now and 2009, there has been Elevation, which I personally felt was a bit more of a commercial project, compared to the progressive, rural, afro house sound that A Giant Leap offered. Collaborations with 340ml, reworks of a Goldfish track and a few more vocal renditions make Elevation the kind of album that puts Culoe De Song on the map for the more ‘casual’ house music lovers.

Apart from Elevation, there have also been other side-projects including ‘Ambush’ on Mule Music and a few releases on Foliage Records to name a few.

Not to mention the busy touring schedule, which has seen Culoe play in Europe, USA and on home-soil more times than we can count.


In case we thought Culoe had gone all ‘commercial’ on us, we were quickly reminded of his ability to return to his ‘rural’ ‘progressive’ style with a master-set at Cappello Long Street earlier this year as well as another proper bit of production in Stig Bordersman, which again caught the attention of the mighty Innervisions who released it via their ‘Secret Weapons’ series alongside tracks by Jon Charnis, Mario Basanov and Konstantin Sibold.

Despite all the hype and attention, Culolethu Zulu remains a humble soul, focused on the music and getting the people to move. Born and raised in KwaZulu Natal, the track 100 Zulu Warriors tells a story of Culoe’s past as well as his character…this sublime piece of music not only brings with it so much emotion, it still [four years later] has the rhythm to move ANY crowd.



I’ll never forget a chat Culoe and I had after his gig at Cappello. I asked: “So Culoe, are we going ‘A Giant Leap’ or are we going ‘Elevation’…?”

“We’re going Exodus” he responded.

We could deduce anything from that response. Why assume though, I’m sure what we’re about to hear will be yet another quality piece of work, another musical lesson, so…

From 100 Zulu Warriors to Exodus,  the journey continues.








4 thoughts on “Exodus

  1. I’m glad u noticed the whole idea of Elevation, I’m expecting Exodus to blow my mind, I have hard few songs which I beileve will be F.T In thus Ulbum, I apreiate your understanding of Music ,n trust me you on the right tractk

  2. Buhlobo Speelman says:

    With what I have read its quite interesting and a album most. Certainly looking forward in hearing, with the Giant Leap he raised the bar and an unexpected sound which “Tribe”.

    But with “Exodus” coming-up may he please continue were he left in “Giant Leap”, one thing I have learned from him as a DJ he never disappoints.

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