Blackbird by Fat Freddy’s Drop


It’s been four years since the last album by the group from Aukland, New Zealand. To be honest, it could even have been longer, it would not have mattered, as tracks like Flashback [with the Jazzanova Breathe Easy Remix] are still as fresh as ever.

That being said, it’s always great to hear new work from Dallas Tamaira and company, especially when “true to form” it’s another fantastic piece of work.

The album continues where “Based on a True Story” and “Dr Boondigga and the Big BW” left off, with it’s combination of sounds, which include Reggae, RnB, Funk and Jazz.

The nine-track LP, goes a long way in smoothly piecing itself together, while in the same breath telling a story. Each track has it’s own underlying message as well as it’s own musical interpretation, which ultimately makes this album yet a further step up from it’s predecessors.


I’ve listened to this album a half-dozen times now and every time I get that “gosh this is a bit more than what I expected” feeling, especially when I get to “Soldier” and beyond that. It’s easy to get caught up with the ‘high quality’ norm that is Fat Freddy’s Drop, but when you hear the out-there nature of the album from the halfway mark on…you realise, we’ve just stepped it up a notch and more. A clear indication that the band has now reached a level where they’re more than comfortable pushing the envelope with the end product thereof being something extra-ordinary.

I’d strongly suggest you go out and find this album.


Fat Freddy’s Drop Official Website




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