South African: Jullian Gomes



Close to 3 years since I met Jullian Gomes, at Rocking The Daisies. It was just after he had played a set that left me asking, who exactly was this gent?!

Since then, me and many others have come to learn about this immensely talented young man. You only have to listen to the maturity of his dj sets, the sublime production work he has put out and the confidence with which he approaches both of these aspects of his career, to understand that this hasn’t happened overnight. It’s a decade+ of hard work and consistency that has seen him reach the heights he now has…and yet, sees him still climbing.

Jullian Gomes Bio courtesy of Atjazz Record Company



I’ve not heard many a track as sublime as Love Song 28 which features Bobby on vocals. There’s also fantastic remixes of Black Coffee feat. Soulstar – Rock My World and/or The Layabouts feat. Omar – As Long As You Believe to turn to, for further evidence of the talent that is Jullian Gomes.


Currently putting finishing touches on his debut album The Gift The Curse, which he has worked tirelessly on, alongside House music maestro Martin Atjazz Iveson. The album promises to follow on from the mastery that is Love Song 28 and Overshadowed [which he produced alongside Atjazz].

Having Atjazz on his side is certainly a very intelligent and life-changing step for Jullian, another sign of his maturity and humility, in not wanting to do this all on his own, but looking to [more] seasoned professionals to further enhance his ability.


Be sure to grab The Gift The Curse when it drops. Be sure to check out Jullian Gomes play out whenever possible. Be sure to know, that this SOUTH AFRICAN, is on his way to the top.









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