Get A Life. Make it Private.


When it comes to events in this City, Cape Town has become very much about quantity over quality. With everyone and their friend hosting some or other night, under the auspices of “House” and “Techno”

We’re probably the only city in the world where event companies have either of those names in their brand title, but fail to play those genres. I kid you not!

It’s not all doom and gloom though. There are a few nights that have built up quite a following, quite a reputation for delivering as promised and leaving the ‘consumer’ satisfied.

One such night happens every Saturday at a quaint little spot on Long Street, upstairs from Royale Eatery [a restaurant renowned for great burgers and milkshakes], called The Waiting Room.

It has become somewhat of a non-negotiable for a few of us. A place where familiar faces meet….dance…smile…and make new friends.

Private Life, was initially called “The Warm Up” until it got too hot! Well this is my theory, at least.

The entry fee to this event is a measly ZAR20. You couldn’t even buy a polony gatsby on the cape flats with that, yet, what you get from this is a night you’re more than likely never to forget.

Not only are the bouncers [Omar and co] helluva friendly, the venue itself is like stepping into someone’s livingroom. Couches, wooden floors, Foosball table and of course the many smiling faces.

It doesn’t stop there though. The four-man posse of Terrence [Pearce], Dario [Leite], Julz [Sanchez] and Pierre-Estienne [Bruwer] ensure that we, the dancers, are grooving, from the moment we set foot on the dancefloor until 02h00am or 02h30am [if Omar’s in an even better than normal mood] when the venue closes.

You’re also very likely to get offered a drink by any one of these fine gents. It’s that kind of vibe. Hosts who are friendly, welcoming…ensuring that everyone is having a great time.

Whether its House, Techno or some stripped-down Disco [Disco] you’re after, there seriously isn’t a better night in Cape Town than this.

You could hear anything from KiNK – Express right through to a disco edit by Terrence and everything in between. The thing about this though, is that no track is ever out of place, and even if it seemed that way, for a second, the crowd are receptive enough to just “go with it” and keep on dancing.

For the longest time Cape Town needed an event that brought people from different walks of life together. Private Life does that. No hang ups, no measurements or stereotypes…its all about the boogie..and do we boogie!

Private Life has hosted some of the finest in the industry both locally and on the global stage. Hesseltime, Esa Williams, Leighton Moody, Bruno Morphet, Robin Would to name a few, have all played here…and there are many more Guest appearances on the cards.

So, if you’re in Cape Town this Saturday or any Saturday for that matter…come down to The Waiting Room. You won’t regret it!

I love Private Life!

Free n Easy [Terrence Pearce Edit]


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