For The Record: Arnaldo


W Arnaldo S, the Argentine gentleman who now resides in London, England has just recently put out a mix worthy of being Resident Advisor’s Mix Of The Day.

His previous tracks have featured on Smallville records.

We had a small chat…


So, you’re originally from Argentina, right? How long have you lived in England and what was your reason for moving there?

Yes I was born in Argentina and promptly moved to the U.K when I was young but spent a lot of my early years between the two countries. I still go back every January to keep my roots strong with the Country.

Being from Argentina AND living in England, surely you love football?

Indeed Argentina is a football nation. I don’t tend to follow any team in particular but I do enjoy watching the world cup/ international games when I get a chance.

Which football club do you support in England and do you have a favourite back home in Argentina?

I don’t really have a team in the U.K that I support as such but have a lot of time for the supporters of the Manchester teams due to my lovely extended period in the city. Well generally in Argentina you are either Boca or River……my family is Boca 😉

How long have you been a DJ/producer and have you always been into the disco and house sounds you now play/produce?

I started DJ’ing quite young and have always been into dance based music. I collected and listened for many years before I got into dabbling with production. Guess I have been producing for a round 5 years.

But still collect music avidly 🙂

Your residency at the meandyou event in Manchester, alongside Joy Orbison and Juniper, is quite an exceptional night, I read. Please tell us more about how this came about and what this night strives to offer the clubber?

Well it came by me selling records to other guys at Eastern Bloc records (Manchester) and they asked if I wanted in on a new party they were starting….I said yes and well I’m glad I did 🙂

This year you’ve put out a track on the debut release by Blank Slate entitled “Family” which is described as something more atmospheric and deep. Are there any other projects to look forward to?

Yes I had a 12” out on Greta Cottage workshop earlier this year and the Blank Slate 003 has just been released, which is 4 track of my own

Left My Heart Some Placed Grooved EP – Greta Cottage Workshop

Arnaldo – Blank Slate 003

I have some interesting thing coming with a label called Until My Heart Stops, which is run by a couple of swell guys who are residents at the great Freerotation festival

Until My Heart Stops – Soundcloud Page

Finally, thanks for taking the time to chat and if ever there was a night in Cape Town you should play at, it would be Private Life. It’s a house/disco night home to about 200 or so revellers where quality house and disco is offered on vinyl as well as CDJs. Who knows?

I must say Cape Town is definitely on the list to visit and experience. Would be ace to play some music to you guys…one day hey 😉

Thanks for your time

Arnaldo – Arthouse Live Set


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