For The Record: Lemon & Herb



We first heard of the Lemon n Herb trio, when Culoe de Song dropped “Violins In A Cave” a few years ago in his BPM Mag Podcast. A lot has happened for the gents since then and we thought we’d catch up…


How are you guys doing? We’ve never met, but it seems as if we’ve known each other for years…remind me though LOL, what are the three of your names [I’m seriously bad with remembering names]?


We all good brother haha..yea the music unites us all…Its Thami, Don and Skhu…


Can you give us the shortened version of how you guys met and what influenced you into making music [house music], please?

We are three guys from KwaZulu Natal. Skhu and Don went to the same primary and high school and went to same varsity where they met Thami. While studying we always played Deep House in the background,during breaks and the Durban scene was very Deep House cultured at the time…Taxis and everyone used to indulge in real house music…and we landed by chance on some music-making software..and one thing led to another…although we never took it seriously at first.


THAT Violins in a Cave track was something really special! When I heard it, I immediately went searching for who the track was by etc…How did Culoe latch onto it? Have you guys been friends for a long time?

Well thanks! The guys are fortunate to know Culoe on a personal Level as Skhu is related to him, and the guys lived with him while he was schooling in Durban and that’s where the music-making-bug really clawed on.So it was a matter of giving him the track and he liked it and it landed on his podcast.


At the risk of getting it wrong, I’d sum your style of music as rural with a hint of progressive and percussive…is that the ‘message’ you’re trying to bring across with your music?

Well when it comes to our sound…we do not like to box ourselves and put nametags on it..yes we are percussive by nature however we are not imprisoned by this and we are venturing into different avenues of house….The only real message that we want to resonate amongst our peers through our music is that freedom of mind is everything.



Since THAT track, there’s been a few more really really hot releases, most notably Velani, which is out on Carlos Mena’s label [Ocha Records], right? What else is there to speak of?

Yes we have only a few tracks out there as we trying to tread very carefully and only release quality music, other projects include ATJAZZ feat ROBERT OWENS – LOVE SOMEONE (Lemon&Herb’s Uplifting Mix) BODDHI SATVA feat FREDDY MASSAMBA (Lemon&Herb Spirit Mix). 


Who are your biggest inspirations, musically and on a personal level?

We look up to so many people musically and otherwise. But musically we look up to people like Charles Webster, Louie Vega, Shur-i-Kan, Jimpster, BlackCoffee and more recently we loving a lot of some Stimming , Detroit Swindle, Kyodai…but there is so much music out there not only house..we would spend the whole day if we listed each one! Haha



What has been the highlight of your career to date?

Highlights would definitely be winning the Atjazz remix competition, Louie Vega listing ‘Velani’ as one of his top 5 tracks on a SoulHeaven interview he just did and also working on our Debut Album with Ocha Records.


Your podcast #MixedInMotion is one of the podcast series I don’t miss. How do you go about choosing your playlists every month and which one of you puts the mix together, or is it a team effort hehehe?

It is definitely a team effort, we listen to a heck of a lot of music, constantly…and luckily we are brothers more than anything and we like a very similar sound…so choosing songs comes naturally without conflict.


Mixed In Motion is not only the name of your podcast series, but the record label you guys established and where you released your first EP on. With you now signed to Ocha Records, what’s happening with your own label?

This is True…and the label and its targets still remain.We were fortunate enough to be approached by Ocha for an album deal and we took it as it was a chance to join hands with an influential label and make some music that can be heard by a broader audience. MIM is very much a future active label that we have great plans for.


Surely there should be an artist album in the pipeline? There’s enough bloody-hot material to make that worthwhile, or are you guys biding your time?

Yes we are in the last stages now with our Debut Album that is due to come out on Ocha very soon! We have been very busy with that and are chuffed at the outcome.So keep your ears on the street.


You’ve been kind enough to do an exclusive mix for us. Tell us a bit about the thinking around this mix please? [If you don’t do a mix, then just ignore this one, shot]

We always do mixes as we feel at the time and we don’t follow any rules per se, we will include a L&H exclusive, which is the next single from us, a track entitled ‘Heaven’ alongside the talented Kholi.The rest will be music we meditate on.


Finally, where can we catch you playing out AND when are you visiting Cape Town?

We are going to be playing a lot of gigs in the near future, to keep updated. Do follow us on twitter @lemonnherb and ‘lemon & herb’ on Facebook. That way fans can know where we playing next. We are hoping promoters in CPT will bring us down soon! Haha 


Thank you very much gents. Much respect and keep pushing!

Thank you for having us!! Be blessed.


Lemon & Herb – For The Record SA Podcast 002




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