For The Record: Alexkid


Many of us remember the famous “Love We Have” track by Alexkid, which rocked many-a dancefloor years ago. Of course, there’s way more to the gent than just that one piece of music. We had a chat…

Greetings Alexis and thanks for chatting to us, how are you doing this week?

Pretty well I have to say! Right now I am in a hotel room in Birmingham, I play in a couple of hours, and then heading to play in London after that. I won’t complain ! hahaha

Let’s start by finding out what a “standard” day in the life of Alexis Mauri consists of…if this is even possible, hahaha.

Actually it is! I have sort of a routine during the week. It counterbalances the hectic side of the weekends. I usually wake up around 7h30, have breakfast with my daughter, and then take her to school. I am at the studio the latest at 10am. Then I work until 6 or 7pm and head back home. Then I have dinner with my daughter, put her to bed and then it all depends, I either chill or I keep on working a bit from home doing boring stuff like paperwork or this kind of things… exciting huh???

You’ve been around since the 90’s…times and [your] music has progressed significantly since then. What’s your feeling on how things have changed in the industry. Do you miss “the good old days” or are they more old than good?

There’s a few things I do miss from the old days. I feel that by then, most of the artists, djs, labels and producers had more commitment to electronic music, or house/techno or whatever you might want to call it.. nowadays, for a lot of them, it is all about getting a bit famous…I think there’s a lack of passion in general.

There seems to be a rich history of producer/djs hailing from France. The likes of Pepe Bradock, Laurent Garnier, St Germain and on the more [tribal/afro] house side we have Rocco Rodamaal too. Most of you coming from the same era…is there still that hunger in France/Paris for the sound, right now?

There is … there is some kind of renewal too… very interesting things have been happening in the past 3/4 years… Paris is pretty vivid at the moment I feel.

I believe you’re currently based in Berlin, which seems to be quite a popular relocation spot for artists in the house/techno industry. Your thoughts on this notion, please?

Well, it is for sure not original to live in Berlin, but I do love it indeed. The lifestyle totally fits me. Except for the very cold winters. It is a very lively city regarding electronic music, it is a capital, and yet it feels like a village sometimes. It is relaxed, very laid-back. A bit hippy in a way… I am there more for the lifestyle than for the club scene. I don’t go out so much… The good part is that when I want to, I can… There’s always something cool happening somewhere. So you don’t feel bad when you don’t go out , because you know that next week, or even tomorrow, there is something cool happening…

Looking at your tour schedule, We’ve noticed you’re bloody busy… also that you’ll be visiting the fairest Cape [Town] very soon. Exciting news that. Last time you visited RSA things didn’t go that well…care to share that?

Well, yes, I do care to share it … I loved coming to SA, and I am very excited to come again. Last time I had issues as Carfax had all my money, and they never paid me nothing out of the tour. I basically got fucked, and didn’t come back since then… It is totally crazy, but how could I retrieve the money from the other side of the world? They promised they would, and of course nothing happened… and then “disappeared” … it sucks… Some people in the industry know who I am talking about … I definitely didn’t forget. Worst thing is that these people are still promoting…

Your CV boasts production/remix work for pretty much every reputable label about. NRK, Freerange Records, Moodmusic etc etc. This of course, means a variation in productions from the “Love we Have” kinda sounds to your more techno/tech-house “This Dream” type of productions. Is there a specific style you enjoy producing/playing more, or are you of the opinion that versatility is key in this modern era of music.

The truth is that I go through phases. I am versatile, which can be a quality as well as an inconvenience, I love deep house as much as I do love Techno or minimal house. Also I tend to get bored of things… so I experiment new things… At the moment I play a mix of all that in fact… stripped down deep house … raw and dubby.

Your soundcloud page starts off by stating “I play records”…this of course is a debate among m-any a DJ right now. I’ve recently gotten attached to the black wax and find the physical aspect quite lovely. How do you feel about the good old vinyl vs digital soap-opera?

Ha… I do play a lot digitally , but for convenience… I am very old school in my way of thinking how things should be. Even though I play with traktor , controlled either by the cds either by the time-coded vinyls, I am going to start pretty soon a strictly vinyl label, because I think people should do the effort of looking for the music, crate digging, and putting a value to what they have. I still buy vinyl …

Last time you released an album was about four years ago. Are you working on the next installment and if so, what can we expect from this piece of work?

I am working on it slowly but surely … it is taking shape… I don’t know what to expect myself… 🙂

Thanks very much for chatting to us. We look forward to finally meeting you in Cape Town. Much respect!

Thanks to YOU! I am very happy to come back ! and it is my first time in Cape town !


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