Cape Town doesn’t get to see Kerri Chandler


Kerri Chandler playing in Cape Town is probably the most exciting news I’ve heard this year.

The gent is a legend, in the true sense of the word. His releases and remixes date back two decades and more and his ability to woo a crowd has been documented the world over.

On 01 December, Heineken SA play host to this fantastic House music master, in the Mother City.

My excitement is however short-lived as I look at the venue this event is being held at and also the ticket price.

If we look at the who makes up the majority of ‘house heads’ in this city, we’ll soon realise that at R250zar, the event organizers have failed to accommodate those who would really love to see Kerri Chandler.

Why there needs to be a R600zar VIP ticket, I really don’t know. Who are these people [who love this House music that Kerri and Larry and Louie play] that want to be in a separate area, away from the main dancefloor, away from the love and energy experienced at true House events? Only the posers…surely…and House music doesn’t accommodate posers.

We come to get down!

We only have to remind ourselves that South Africa remains a 3rd World Country, yes Cape Town, that includes us [as much as we’d love to deny this] and also the fact that we [Cape Town folk] are not immune to the economic strife that still persists globally…as further mitigation that these prices are really not going to work, well at least not for the majority of those who this event really should be for.

Shimmy Beach Bar as a venue is also a sore point for me. Ask m-any true House music lover where they’re most likely to end up for a good ‘get down’ and I’m cock-sure Shimmy Beach Bar will not make their top 5.

It’s too pretentious, too bourgeois, too ‘not what house music is about’ to be considered a comfortable setting for the serious dancers in the industry.

It disturbs me that more thought wasn’t put into this event, especially when we consider that Kerri Chandler is not your ‘bottle service’ type DJ.

He’s passionate about the genre, passionate about the way this music [is meant to] bring people together, passionate about real House music.

The make up of this event is EXACTLY what’s wrong with the way House music is being represented in this city, as it’s just another event where we’re separating the haves from the have-nots, irrespective of the fact that it’s those who may not have as much ‘financially’ who would be the first to recognise a Kerri Chandler track, the first to be on the dancefloor and the last to leave it.

What this event does do, is show the intent of the organisers and venue. The intent to keep this event exclusive, to keep it suave, to keep it for the ‘in crowd’…when to be honest, the in crowd probably would only come 1) if they’re on the guestlist 2) to be seen at a Kerri Chandler gig 3) cos they want to be associated with the who’s who of Cape Town

Take as example the events being held during the same period, by Hlanganani Music, hosting Andre Lodemann, Mario Basanov and XDB [confirmed to date], at a fraction of the cost, to see how promoters who love the genre and the people who make up the genre, cater for those who are really into the sound.

House music is inclusive. House music is about bringing people from all walks of life together. House music unites a nation. It unites a city.

Right now, this event, will miss out on the opportunity to do this.


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