For The Record: Funky Buddha Competition


We love supporting quality events, which boast DJ line ups worthy of spending your hard earned money on.

Funky Buddha is one such event and we did a quickfire question and answer session with the gents who host this lovely situation.

The name Funky Buddha has all sorts of connotations to it. Do tell what your reasoning behind this name is?

Regan: Clint, this one is for you.

Clint: To be honest, when we first came up with the name there wasn’t really any deep meaning behind it or anything like that, it was simply something we liked, thought was catchy and worked well with our marketing strategy at the time. What was important to us though is what that name would represent, we were and probably still are DJ’s before promoters so for us it’s always been about the music and the art form. What we wanted was for people to be blown away by the music and by the artist’s performances. When people thought about Funky Buddha we wanted them to think quality music and world class DJs.

As far as events go, this city has more than it’s fair share of events. That being said, personally there’s probably three I won’t miss. Besides your own event [ha], which others do you enjoy attending and why?

Regan: No.1 for me would be Touchbass, the crowd is such a great eclectic mix. Always great to see that! No.2, secretly I am a massive techno fan, Killer Robot for sure & I think the guys at Sizzled are doing something right. But there’s so much more I can mention, for me the best right now, no matter the attendance would be Private Life.

Clint: Post my baby boy being born, you would probably find me at most of the events going down around the city and there are probably a few more than 3 I would recommend music wise, but for me a night out normally goes beyond the music so I’ve enjoyed watching brands like Nomadiq Music and Touchbass grow from strength to strength as I think they’ve been very forward thinking with how they’ve gone/are going about their business. Then there’s the big 1 CTEMF and I don’t think I really need to give a reason why I wouldn’t miss it.


So much [quality] music/artists around the world [and even locally] at present…if only DJs would spend more time digging. Care to tell us your favourite 3 producers right now?

Regan: Difficult question to answer, I don’t have favourite producers I have favourite tracks. Half the time I haven’t even paid much attention to who produced it. But, 3 that I like are Fynn Callum, for sure Borrowed Identity and I could have a good dose of Waze & Odyssey. But I’ll always be a Quincy Jones, man. lol

Clint: To pick 3 is probably near impossible but the below is 3 of the many I’m enjoying at the moment.

Frits Wentink, Jamie Trench and Don Santiago

The most ridiculous request you’ve had and what was your response?

Regan: My wife asking me at home to play Clean Bandit, at the first Funky Buddha this year. I still don’t know if she was joking. I HAD NO RESPONSE. 🙂

Clint: I’ve had a few in my time. They’re probably very general to most of us…the most recent was a guy requesting to turn down the music and give a shout out to a mate of his for his bachelor party. To be honest I’m normally very relaxed about it because it’s probably that personals first time at the club/event so they don’t really know how things are done not that it’s not annoying though. Anyway I just told him we unfortunately don’t do request and shout outs which he looked very confused about.

Theo Parrish or Moodymann

Regan: Moodymann

Clint: Moodymann for me


To win 1 of 2 single tickets to the next Funky Buddha event, please answer the following questions:

  1. Name one of the artists Clint is enjoying currently.
  2. Post a track by the artist mentioned the most times in the last question.

Winners will be announced on the For The Record SA Facebook page on Saturday at midday.


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