For The Record: Marcel Vogel #Cycle2ADE

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Resident Advisor are championing an initiative called #Cycle2ADE where a number of DJ/Artists have volunteered to cycle to the festival in Amsterdam helping to raise funds for a charity of their choice.

First up is supporting Bridges For Music in building a music school in the township of Langa, Cape Town, South Africa.

One of the DJs who has graciously volunteered is Marcel Vogel. The German DJ and label-head for Lumberjacks in Hell and Intimate Friends kindly took the time to speak to us…


Hi Marcel…how’s Amsterdam tonight?

Yeah all well this side, thanks…

So you’re cycling to ADE…quite a task and for a bloody good cause too. What motivated you to participate? Are you an avid cycler?

I’m a runner. I run a lot. I bought a bike, and I hardly used it. I really wanted to do tours, so needed a bit of inspiration…and then this initiative came up and I decided to be a part of it.

Of course, you’ve now had to train a bit, to get into some shape for the main event…you managing ok?

I’ve been training for about 2 months now, but of course my travelling and the weather often hamper this.

That being said, I find this training, based on the circuit we travel, to be very very interesting as I’m getting to see places I’ve not really gotten to see before.

The other part is that I usually cycle for about 10-20kms daily just to meet friends. So doing it as training seems to be quite easy, but I’m not sure how it will impact me doing it 4 days in a row.

Music has the unrivalled ability to connect human-beings from all over the globe, irrespective of race or class. With that in mind, what are your thoughts on this initiative?

I’m aware of how blessed and gifted we are as human beings. Having luxuries like the Internet and basic commodities like food, water and a home are often things we take for granted…so we have nothing to really worry about. I think it’s quite beautiful, to give somebody the possibility to excel in life, through this medium of music and to be able to impact the lives of people we may never even meet one day.

Mike Huckaby’s workshops are another great example of how we can impact people’s lives by teaching, educating and sharing in the knowledge/talent we have…basically just giving back!

Your Boiler Room set of late last year and pretty much every set of yours I’ve listened to and posted on the For The Record page oozes that sexy disco disco feel…this style is very rare in Cape Town, with the Private Life crew basically the only ones pushing the sound. Is it quite common-place in Amsterdam, Netherlands?

In Amsterdam it feels rather main-stream at the moment as there are a lot of (young) kids playing this sound as well as the veterans, who know their disco very well. There are different shades to it though. The Chicago DJs have their distinct sound, while the (young) kids and even the guys playing in the Red Light area, having a different style as well.

Would you say that it’s become very trendy?

I wouldn’t say the kids are following a trend, as when I was that age, starting with House music, and then switching to Disco [as it was a sound I was more attracted to] …I was around 21years of age. So, I don’t think it’s so much a trend, but rather a persuasion…

The Lumberjacks in Hell label boasts some of the big-hitting disc[o] jockeys like, Rahaan, Jamie 3:26 and Mr Mendel…tell us a bit about the relationships with these artists and how you came about working with them for releases for the label?

Well it started with me buying records and my interest in the Chicago sound [DJs like Sneak, Cajual, and Derrick Carter] and feeling a connection to that city and the style of [house] music that came from there. Back then [around 2005] we would post on a message pod called ‘Bring the Heat’ where guys like Sean Sounds and Rahaan  and Jamie and Boogie Nights were posting and this is how we all got in contact. This of course was a great platform for me to learn more about the genre of disco. I distinctly remember there being these DJ disco battles [on these message boards], where DJs would post their 30minute mixes and people would vote for their favourite.

Later on in life, I started throwing my own parties and tried booking Rahaan, which didn’t happen for whatever reason. Eventually I did get to book Rahaan and he’s been a constant in my life and this is how our relationship grew and how I met some of the other cats I’ve hosted too. Rahaan has a big following in Europe, so he had/has the ability to open doors for his friends who may not be as well-known. I call him the “door-opener”

Thing is, there’s [strangely] many Chicago cats coming to/through Amsterdam, which is somewhat inexplicable. There’s a vibrant energy around the Dekmantel festival and people interested in the Chicago sound.

Coming back to how our relationships blossomed, I’d say, it started with one aspect [being our common interest in music and production] and moved from there. It’s all about building and gaining respect for the work you do and of course keeping your credibility.

You already have somewhat of a connection with South Africa, even though you’ve never been here. Tell us how you got into contact with Christopher Keys and how he became your Lumberjacks in Hell designer…

Well a while ago, I posted on a blog called DJ History, saying that I was moving to Amsterdam and asking if anyone had any connections in the city. Chris, connected me with [his friends] Juju & Jordash, which resulted in me sharing a studio with them and that started our friendship too. We then started chatting about a mix I uploaded on DJ History and Chris subsequently asked me to do a mix for his blog ‘Another Night on Earth for which he did the artwork.

I liked Chris’ work and then after I had my friend do the artwork for the first record as well as Red Light Radio [003], I got Chris to do the artwork for the past 12 releases on Lumberjacks in Hell.

You have an interesting bookings policy, when selecting artists for your events…

People I book are people who inspire me. I’ve been doing it for 10years, and so when I book a DJ, it’s always who I wanna see/hear perform. I’m doing a tour with Jamie 3:26 who I feel needs to be booked a lot more than he currently is…he’s a lot better than he’s given credit for. Whenever I put time and energy into an event [and it’s usually a lot of both], I do them for my pleasure. So it’s important that the artists I book are ones I really want to hear play.

So essentially you wanna hear an artist who is able to move you with their music?

Yes, I’m not interested in the whole Deep House this and that debate, I’m interested in music that has a soul…music that moves me emotionally and tells a story.

Thanks Marcel…all the best for the cycle and hopefully we’ll have you out in South Africa soon?!

Yeah, thanks man. I hope to come out and play there soon…just tell every promoter you get in contact with that I’m keen and let’s see what happens.

To Donate to #Cycle2ADE click here


For The Record: Portable

Alan Abrahams or as he is known around the globe as Portable/Bodycode is proudly South African, born on the Cape Flats in a very modest area called Bonteheuwel. We caught up with this world-renowned DJ/Producer shortly before he comes out to Cape Town to headline the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival.


Good day Alan [or “awe ma-se-kin”], thanks for taking time out of your super-busy schedule to chat to us ahead of your visit to the fairest Cape.

Is this the first time you’re playing in Cape Town? I think you may have featured at a Killer Robot night before, but it’s certainly not been a fixture on your gig guide right?!

No I played at Killer Robot a few years ago, the last time I was here it was closed for refurbishing ,so I haven’t been playing here in years. My Johannesburg gig will be my first one there.
Also, as I am playing in the late afternoon my parents, will be able to come see what I do for the very first time!


You’re world-renowned. Have played on all the major stages around the world and are revered by your colleagues in the industry, yet there are many people back in South Africa, who are in the electronic music industry [in particular], who have never heard of you. How does this make you feel?

I don’t take it personally to be honest, I am composing music for a living and get to perform it live, unlike no one else, all over the planet, and get the appreciation from the hosts who invite me and the audience at the events. For me, that is enough, I am not composing music in order to be recognised by this or that industry but for the appreciation and uplifting of the social consciousness as a whole, through direct communication with a people at large.
In this day and age, in clubs or festival gatherings is a very effective means in doing this. It is the true form of social communion.


Recently you featured on the Slices DVD Feature. In there you allude to your upbringing on the Chicago House sound and how you’re reinventing that sound to suit the current scene. How difficult is it to bring this ‘message’ across to your audience today and get them to relate to that era?

I don’t go about intending to do anything of the sort. That era is gone and assimilated into this current age.
It was just an initial base when I started composing music but now it has been merged and morphed into my growth as an artist and a composer into something else entirely, something that you could call a Portable sound, as a source of reference.



You are certainIy well-traveled and I liken your gig guide to be as busy as Golden Dish take-away on a Saturday night. Where do you find the time to produce with such an intense schedule?

I am always composing music, even if I am not physically recording it. I am always in state of furious nonstop recording for days on end, and then a few weeks of nothing but absorption and conceptualizing. I am travelling with my live set-up, so when I want to put down ideas, I can, my studio is totally portable, and in that I don’t mean, just my laptop, but my controllers and portable workstation. In fact, as I am writing this, I am planning to go to a lagoon, here in Florianopolis, Brazil, with my workstation and record some ideas for a future Südelectronic release.

Tell us a bit about the project with Esa, Ali Ooft and yourself called “Prophets of the South” How did that come about?

I know Esa, and he asked me if I would be interested in doing a remix for their project.


When listening to “Into Infinity” I get the feeling that you were going through many-personal challenges and articulated this well in the lyrics of the songs on there. Is this the way you always go about writing your music?

Yes of course, my music is a form of personal release. It has always and will always be that way. I think that is one of the things that could set it apart from the general run of mill these days.


You and Lerato Khuti have forged quite a partnership! Collaborative project putting out gems like “A Deeper Love” and of course the Süd Electronic label. Are there any new productions coming out by the two of you?

Lerato, Tama Sumo and I collectively run the Südelectronic imprint. I am currently finishing a new 12″ for the label. And working on something for a new Perlon release too, later this year.


Besides playing at CTEMF, what else are you looking forward to doing here in the 021?

Seeing my parents and family. They’ve never seen me live before…Mutton Salomies, Table Mountain! 


I firmly believe that Cape Town is in for a treat when you get on stage on Sunday 09 February at 17h30pm and I’ve actually bet a Gatsby [and Frulatti] that you will be the stand-out performer. No pressure, right?

People always ask me if I get nervous, of course I do, but its more often than not, a waste, I just do what I do and things always work well, guess as my parents will be in the audience, that makes me also a little nervous, but it will be fantastic ! I know it!

Well I’m definitely looking forward to enjoying a Mutton Salomie with you and having lots of fun while you’re down here. Thanks again Alan!



Cape Town doesn’t get to see Kerri Chandler


Kerri Chandler playing in Cape Town is probably the most exciting news I’ve heard this year.

The gent is a legend, in the true sense of the word. His releases and remixes date back two decades and more and his ability to woo a crowd has been documented the world over.

On 01 December, Heineken SA play host to this fantastic House music master, in the Mother City.

My excitement is however short-lived as I look at the venue this event is being held at and also the ticket price.

If we look at the who makes up the majority of ‘house heads’ in this city, we’ll soon realise that at R250zar, the event organizers have failed to accommodate those who would really love to see Kerri Chandler.

Why there needs to be a R600zar VIP ticket, I really don’t know. Who are these people [who love this House music that Kerri and Larry and Louie play] that want to be in a separate area, away from the main dancefloor, away from the love and energy experienced at true House events? Only the posers…surely…and House music doesn’t accommodate posers.

We come to get down!

We only have to remind ourselves that South Africa remains a 3rd World Country, yes Cape Town, that includes us [as much as we’d love to deny this] and also the fact that we [Cape Town folk] are not immune to the economic strife that still persists globally…as further mitigation that these prices are really not going to work, well at least not for the majority of those who this event really should be for.

Shimmy Beach Bar as a venue is also a sore point for me. Ask m-any true House music lover where they’re most likely to end up for a good ‘get down’ and I’m cock-sure Shimmy Beach Bar will not make their top 5.

It’s too pretentious, too bourgeois, too ‘not what house music is about’ to be considered a comfortable setting for the serious dancers in the industry.

It disturbs me that more thought wasn’t put into this event, especially when we consider that Kerri Chandler is not your ‘bottle service’ type DJ.

He’s passionate about the genre, passionate about the way this music [is meant to] bring people together, passionate about real House music.

The make up of this event is EXACTLY what’s wrong with the way House music is being represented in this city, as it’s just another event where we’re separating the haves from the have-nots, irrespective of the fact that it’s those who may not have as much ‘financially’ who would be the first to recognise a Kerri Chandler track, the first to be on the dancefloor and the last to leave it.

What this event does do, is show the intent of the organisers and venue. The intent to keep this event exclusive, to keep it suave, to keep it for the ‘in crowd’…when to be honest, the in crowd probably would only come 1) if they’re on the guestlist 2) to be seen at a Kerri Chandler gig 3) cos they want to be associated with the who’s who of Cape Town

Take as example the events being held during the same period, by Hlanganani Music, hosting Andre Lodemann, Mario Basanov and XDB [confirmed to date], at a fraction of the cost, to see how promoters who love the genre and the people who make up the genre, cater for those who are really into the sound.

House music is inclusive. House music is about bringing people from all walks of life together. House music unites a nation. It unites a city.

Right now, this event, will miss out on the opportunity to do this.


For The Record: Kyle Russouw


Kyle Russouw has burst onto the local music scene in spectacular fashion. Having heard his name being mentioned by the likes of Erefaan Pearce and having played at the monthly Tableism events, I thought it best we get to know a little bit more about the new face on the House music scene.

Hi Kyle, thanks for chatting to us. Can you give us a bit of background on yourself? Where you grew up, what interests you etc?   

I  was born and raised  in Kensington Cape Town (the beautiful Mother City) where i currently still reside. The past 20 years of my life i have been exposed to different genres of music, but my one true love will remain deep house. I grew up in a house in which music was always played from jazz, R&B and even instrumental. My teen years, I joined the club and house party scene, and this just drew me closer to my calling of becoming a DJ. My uncle (Falko) is also a well known graffiti artist  and is a part of the classics event.

My second love has always been sport, which is why as a youngster I never really took my passion for music seriously, as it was my dream to be a professional soccer player. I also obtained my Western Province colours for baseball 8 years ago and still enjoy the game.                                                                                                                                                      

You’ve not been DJ’ing for a long time, right? How long has it been and what were the main factors behind you becoming a DJ and playing House music?

I’ve been DJing for 2 years, but out of that 2 years I would only recognize 1 year which has truly made me feel a part of this industry. 

A close friend of mine moved down  to Cape Town in 2009 from Johannesburg. Our friendship and the music he brought down with him influenced my interest for house music. Ziyaad Salli and I would fool around for hours on Virtual DJ and he would always update me with the latest local house music. Since then my archives have grown from buying albums such as Sutra and the Soul Candi collection.

Being a youngster and not being able to attend house parties such as Shake your pancreas: Funky Buddah ; Soul Revolution and the list goes on, all I could do was add these dj’s on Facebook to keep myself updated and with this the interest grew.

My ears were really opened to my calling of becoming a DJ at the age of 17, when i was invited to play at a car wash fundraiser by my good friend Alister Fester. I found myself extremely comfortable behind the decks, and the reason for house music would definitely be the melodic side. I also wanted to find some sort of isolation to the everyday music, and found that deep house not only does that, but it also takes me on a spiritual journey. To sum it all up house music rocks!!!  


I believe you studied at the Soul Candi Institute of Music right? Tell us how that came about and how it’s benefited you as a DJ?

Thats correct i studied at Soul Candi Institute of Music for only a year, but i have to say it was the most exciting and enlightening year thus far. 

I found myself inspired by one particular person, he was my dj lecturer Blanka Mazimela,  we spent a lot of time together and he most certainly matured my taste in music. He became my mentor. The production course helped me understand the finer details that a songs’ production consists of. Therefore when I listen to a song I know how much time an effort was put into making that track and I appreciate it more. This also affects the way in which I select my music , as I look at music in a different dimension: knowing and listening. 


Listening to some of your mixes on your Soundcloud page, it’s evident you are able to play the slower, moodier side of [deep] house music as well as the slightly more melodic style too. Are these your two chosen areas of house music or does it run deeper than that? [Mandatory pun]

Yes it most definitely does run deeper, as not all motion is physical movement. With my style of music I get to feel the rhythm in the strings an melodies; also with this style you get to feel the movement from the inside and just allow it to flow.

Taking into consideration this ‘slow-mo’ style you’ve taken on as your own, would you say you prefer playing the earlier slots or are you comfortable adapting to whatever time of the night you are booked?

I can play to any style, as a DJ you need to be versatile and be able to adjust and adapt. I must admit I do love the moody and down tempo beats, this stems from always getting the opening slot. When I entered into the DJ scenes I was always given the opening slot but I never minded as I actually enjoy it, but I can play an awesome set at any time of the day.

It’s easy to become disheartened in this industry, especially in a City where everyone and their friend is a [deep house] DJ! How do you stay motivated and how do you differentiate yourself from the rest?

There are 3 main reasons why I remain motivated: I try to maintain a fresh approach by always seeking new ideas to better my skills. I just recently started buying records and this has pushed up my motivation to a whole new level. Then there is pleasure of collecting new music. The last one would be my loyal listeners who have continued to support me even when I played at 9pm and there was no one else at the club yet. 

The music industry is rather cut-throat, as you may have discovered. At 21yrs of age, you have a long way ahead of you. Do you have any short to mid-term goals in place to ensure you can maintain this career as well as support yourself?

I do have an important goal set out for next year, I would like to have one of my own productions pressed and released, this was a personal goal but now its put out there, and I know this industry is hard core, but i believe with the right attitude and consistency i can make that goal a reality. 


Who are your favourite DJ/Producers/Record Labels locally and on the International stage?

There are so many I favor, it would be unfair to pin point; but if i have to i would say:

Smallville Records, Desos Records and Secretsundaze

DJ’s:    Rene Wolski

    Sibonelo Zulu

    Erefaan Pearce

    Julius Steinoff

    Ron Trent

I know you’ve only been playing for a short while, but I’m sure there’s been a few stand out DJ sets you’ve played. Would you like to share one of those please?

All my sets I play at CTDHM for me are all standouts, but there is one particular set I played at an event called Two Doors Down which I enjoyed the most. It was at a nightclub in Cape Town, Manilla Bar. It was like I could feel the floors move as i stood behind those decks; truly an amazing experience. 


Finally, do you have any residencies at the moment and/or where can we see you playing out?

I recently became a resident/ member at Alba Lounge with the cloud 9 Sundays crew.


Thanks very much for taking the time to chat to us and all the best my friend.


For The Record: Arnaldo


W Arnaldo S, the Argentine gentleman who now resides in London, England has just recently put out a mix worthy of being Resident Advisor’s Mix Of The Day.

His previous tracks have featured on Smallville records.

We had a small chat…


So, you’re originally from Argentina, right? How long have you lived in England and what was your reason for moving there?

Yes I was born in Argentina and promptly moved to the U.K when I was young but spent a lot of my early years between the two countries. I still go back every January to keep my roots strong with the Country.

Being from Argentina AND living in England, surely you love football?

Indeed Argentina is a football nation. I don’t tend to follow any team in particular but I do enjoy watching the world cup/ international games when I get a chance.

Which football club do you support in England and do you have a favourite back home in Argentina?

I don’t really have a team in the U.K that I support as such but have a lot of time for the supporters of the Manchester teams due to my lovely extended period in the city. Well generally in Argentina you are either Boca or River……my family is Boca 😉

How long have you been a DJ/producer and have you always been into the disco and house sounds you now play/produce?

I started DJ’ing quite young and have always been into dance based music. I collected and listened for many years before I got into dabbling with production. Guess I have been producing for a round 5 years.

But still collect music avidly 🙂

Your residency at the meandyou event in Manchester, alongside Joy Orbison and Juniper, is quite an exceptional night, I read. Please tell us more about how this came about and what this night strives to offer the clubber?

Well it came by me selling records to other guys at Eastern Bloc records (Manchester) and they asked if I wanted in on a new party they were starting….I said yes and well I’m glad I did 🙂

This year you’ve put out a track on the debut release by Blank Slate entitled “Family” which is described as something more atmospheric and deep. Are there any other projects to look forward to?

Yes I had a 12” out on Greta Cottage workshop earlier this year and the Blank Slate 003 has just been released, which is 4 track of my own

Left My Heart Some Placed Grooved EP – Greta Cottage Workshop

Arnaldo – Blank Slate 003

I have some interesting thing coming with a label called Until My Heart Stops, which is run by a couple of swell guys who are residents at the great Freerotation festival

Until My Heart Stops – Soundcloud Page

Finally, thanks for taking the time to chat and if ever there was a night in Cape Town you should play at, it would be Private Life. It’s a house/disco night home to about 200 or so revellers where quality house and disco is offered on vinyl as well as CDJs. Who knows?

I must say Cape Town is definitely on the list to visit and experience. Would be ace to play some music to you guys…one day hey 😉

Thanks for your time

Arnaldo – Arthouse Live Set


Get A Life. Make it Private.


When it comes to events in this City, Cape Town has become very much about quantity over quality. With everyone and their friend hosting some or other night, under the auspices of “House” and “Techno”

We’re probably the only city in the world where event companies have either of those names in their brand title, but fail to play those genres. I kid you not!

It’s not all doom and gloom though. There are a few nights that have built up quite a following, quite a reputation for delivering as promised and leaving the ‘consumer’ satisfied.

One such night happens every Saturday at a quaint little spot on Long Street, upstairs from Royale Eatery [a restaurant renowned for great burgers and milkshakes], called The Waiting Room.

It has become somewhat of a non-negotiable for a few of us. A place where familiar faces meet….dance…smile…and make new friends.

Private Life, was initially called “The Warm Up” until it got too hot! Well this is my theory, at least.

The entry fee to this event is a measly ZAR20. You couldn’t even buy a polony gatsby on the cape flats with that, yet, what you get from this is a night you’re more than likely never to forget.

Not only are the bouncers [Omar and co] helluva friendly, the venue itself is like stepping into someone’s livingroom. Couches, wooden floors, Foosball table and of course the many smiling faces.

It doesn’t stop there though. The four-man posse of Terrence [Pearce], Dario [Leite], Julz [Sanchez] and Pierre-Estienne [Bruwer] ensure that we, the dancers, are grooving, from the moment we set foot on the dancefloor until 02h00am or 02h30am [if Omar’s in an even better than normal mood] when the venue closes.

You’re also very likely to get offered a drink by any one of these fine gents. It’s that kind of vibe. Hosts who are friendly, welcoming…ensuring that everyone is having a great time.

Whether its House, Techno or some stripped-down Disco [Disco] you’re after, there seriously isn’t a better night in Cape Town than this.

You could hear anything from KiNK – Express right through to a disco edit by Terrence and everything in between. The thing about this though, is that no track is ever out of place, and even if it seemed that way, for a second, the crowd are receptive enough to just “go with it” and keep on dancing.

For the longest time Cape Town needed an event that brought people from different walks of life together. Private Life does that. No hang ups, no measurements or stereotypes…its all about the boogie..and do we boogie!

Private Life has hosted some of the finest in the industry both locally and on the global stage. Hesseltime, Esa Williams, Leighton Moody, Bruno Morphet, Robin Would to name a few, have all played here…and there are many more Guest appearances on the cards.

So, if you’re in Cape Town this Saturday or any Saturday for that matter…come down to The Waiting Room. You won’t regret it!

I love Private Life!

Free n Easy [Terrence Pearce Edit]


CTEMF Wish List

The Cape Town Electronic Music Festival is an event which happens in, you guessed it…Cape Town. Usually in the first quarter of the year, this year I was fortunate enough to be a part of a week-long musical journey, which culminated in the final 3 days being all about the music.

Previously, i was quite vocal about the lack of “real” representation at the event, voicing my opinion on how the event was not entirely inclusive enough, overlooking talents like Ready D, Oskido, Mbuso etc etc, who were some of the pioneering figures in Electronic music, as we know it, in this city and in this country.

Unlike many other promoters, CTEMF representatives listened and more than that actioned. This year the line up was a helluva lot more inclusive and the end result was an exceptional week of learning, listening and dancing. We had Shangaan Electro with that “ONE NINE ZERO” kinda jive, we had Ready D and fresh-faced hip hop gent Youngsta, providing the beats and lyrics, Behr and Mey, with arguably the LIVE SET of the weekend and there was cape-flats born, Esa Williams, to bring his take on electronic music with an acid-house set of epic proportions. Music was the winner.

So these are all memories now…and CTEMF 2014 creeps up on us slowly, but SURELY.

For the 2014 line up, I’d love to see the following people on the bill:

Robin Would

If anyone WOULD, Robin would. Ok, enough of that. This gent has in the last 6months really reminded us, what we may have forgotten. Listening to his Thrumcast for Thrumroom or catching his sets at Vinyl Digz or the guest slot at Private Life, you’d be sure to agree that Robin knows how to woo a crowd. Whether it’s the groove-time disco or the emotive sounding house or taking it peak time with some “lets go” Techno, Robin knows exactly how. An avid collector of records, with a taste for music to rival some of the best, I’m cock-sure he’ll deliver.

Robin Would – Thrumcast 003


Kat La Kat

The brother is from the 011. Kgakgamatso Tlholoe has been churning out the #DeepVibes mix tapes for some time now. We’ve just hit no.32 in the series and each and every one of them are sublime. His genre selection on soundcloud is “deep shit”…it’s definitely deep, but certainly not the kinda shit you hear from everyone and their dog lately. We’ve never met in person, but the online chats around music and the joy I’m overcome by every time I hear a mix of his, means he gets my vote to represent!

Kat La Kat – Deep Vibes 032


Sibonelo Zulu

Now here’s a guy who just goes about his business quietly. Another ardent collector of the black wax, Sibo Zulu is slowly winning over the Cape Town house music lovers’ one 12″ at a time. Sets at Vinyl Digz and a residency at Cape Town Deep House Movements’ monthly Tableism event, there’s been enough evidence to prove that he can hold his own with some of the finest in this city. Sibonelo hosts his own podcast series entitled “Its Tough Out There” and also had his second guest slot on Jazzman’s Deep Inspiration Show, just a few days ago. Have a listen!

Sibonelo Zulu – DIS Guest Mix 227


Rob Toca 

He hails from the 011, I believe, but since his arrival in the 021, Rob has done nothing but tear up dancefloors with his intelligent take on house and techno in a kind of micro-house sounding way. An absolute gent! Humility of note, he just gets on the decks and performs. His most notable sets for me were at the memorable “Nomadiq” summer rooftop events, where he’d more than likely be opening for one of the headliners. Without stealing the thunder [too much], Rob would set the tone so nicely, that by the time the main act was to play, the crowd was primed for the occasion.



I really do not have to list what the founder of Soul Candi and current owner of Phezulu Records has done. From releases on Innervisions to collaborations with the “who’s who” of house music, he really is up there with the finest in the game. I think Cape Town needs a reminder of what Mbee is about.

Check out this mixtape of some of the sounds that influenced him on his journey through sound.

Mbuso – Journey Rediscovered


Julz Sanchez

Hottest kid in Cape Town right now. Seriously, talent way beyond his years. Ability to play a proper warm up slot or go to the wee hours with a marathon peak time slot at the infamous Republic Lounge. No mug behind the decks. The kind of ear for music and humility to keep learning that puts him ahead of some of the older players in the industry. You can catch him at a Vinyl Digz or at the usual Private Life residency. From stripped down disco to big room techno, you ask for it, you’ll get it! Full-portion!

Julz Sanchez – Pulse Radio Podcast

These aren’t just my ‘picks’ for CTEMF, but also a show of support to these talented gents for continuously pushing the envelope and delivering quality music to us, the dancers.